The Minority Report

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New Star Trek Babe!

How is THIS for the new Star Trek babe, Alice Eve?? Nice. Here are some more pictures from her 2010 Maxim spread:

The GIF That Keeps on Giving

Steve Wilhite is the inventor of the wildly popular GIF image file format. He sets the story straight on the pronunciation of: GIF. “The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations,” Mr. Wilhite said. “They are wrong. It is a soft ‘G,’ pronounced ‘jif.’ End of story.”

The Average Person in a Western City

Amazing. In the course of a day, the average person in a Western city is said to be exposed to as much data as someone in the 15th century would encounter in their entire life.

Stephanie Tanner: All Grown Up

Remember Stephanie Tanner from Full House? Here is a shot of her all grown up! Nice… Source

Force Amanda Berry to Marry Ariel Castro?

I found this on Reddit, and it definitely struck me that all the Bible thumpers continue to miss the point. I’m curious to see if the people who are pushing for a christian definition of marriage will try to force Amanda Berry to marry Ariel Castro, if not they’re just being hypocrites. “If a man [...]

The Doctor & Doc Brown Exchange Insurance Information

The Doctor & Doc Brown Exchange Insurance Information

Depression Part 2

This has to be one of the best articles/post about depression that I’ve read. You have to read it! We are NOT alone! At first, I’d try to explain that it’s not really negativity or sadness anymore, it’s more just this detached, meaningless fog where you can’t feel anything about anything — even the things [...]

Blogging is Hard

There. I said it. First post of 2013 and it’s crap but true.

Is it possible to use a PS/2 port to transfer data to a flash drive?

1LKY3 asked the question “Is it possible to use a PS/2 port to transfer data to a flash drive?” on this post: Hi-Speed PS/2 Interface for Thumb Drives. I found this graphic of the pin out for a USB->PS2 mouse adapter on Superuser. This explanation of how a mouse driver automatically detects the protocol of [...]

Advice to Young Men from an Old Man

Don’t pick on the weak. It’s immoral. Don’t antagonize the strong without cause, its stupid. Don’t hate women. It’s a waste of time Invest in yourself. Material things come to those that have self actualized. Get in a fistfight, even if you are going to lose. As a former Marine, take it from me. Don’t [...]

How to Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors Everytime

It started with The Big Bang Theory, which led to an obsession with all things Kaley Cuoco.  But a byproduct of this was the fascination with Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spock, Lizard. I found this infographic today from about how to always win Rock, Paper, Scissor (RPS) which does mention Spock as the ultimate move [...]

Silverlight Part of Zombie Apocalypse

I admit it, I might have been wrong…but probably not. Microsoft Silverlight has had a topsy-turvy year. Apparently doomed or at least marginalized by HTML5, Silverlight found a foothold in Windows Phone and has more recently emerged as a key component of the Jupiter application framework and programming model for Windows 8. If Silverlight has [...]

IFlowReader Users Out to Sea

Thank you for being one of our valued customers. We are writing to you today to make a very sad announcement. BeamItDown Software and the iFlow Reader will cease operations as of May 31, 2011. We absolutely do not want to do this, but Apple has made it completely impossible for anyone but Apple to [...]

Is Cat Stevens Dead?

Evidently this was posted on 4chan. I LOL’d.

Major Problem with OBL Burial at Sea

Turns out there may be a major problem with burying Osama bin Ladin at sea.